OUR Philosophy

Some may argue that children should focus on academics, while others think that children should be able to play and enjoy their childhood. At Nature’s Gift Preschools, we believe that children should have a balance between both play and academics.



We strive to exceed the California State Standard set for preschools. Our educators teach language, math, and science to our students through a variety of materials and techniques. Depending on the child’s ability, our teachers provide activities that are slightly more challenging or easier for the children, promoting both independent work and problem solving. If a child is advanced, teachers would give the student harder work. Likewise, if a child needs help, our teachers will go through instructions and techniques with the child until they understand the concept.



From birth, children are born to play. Research has shown that active, hands-on playing promotes brain growth, develops essential motor skills, and most importantly allows children to have fun! We encourage children to interact with their friends and build social skills. Our playgrounds are filled with activities designed for children to develop physical skills and use their imaginations. Our home-like environment facilitates the transition from the comfort of your home to elementary school and beyond.



Today, moral values such as courtesy and kindness are often left out when educating children. We believe that although schools should focus on academics and play, they shouldn’t forget positive character elements. Our students are taught to treat others they way they want to be treated. Our teachers emphasize (and constantly remind our children) to rephrase requests such as, “I want it.” or “Give it to me.” to more polite phrases like “May I have it please?” We also stress the importance of patience, appreciation, and respect.