The enrollment process

We are glad you are considering Nature's Gift Preschools for your child. We would be happy to meet you and your child and discuss how we can meet your child’s needs. Follow these steps to complete the enrollment process.


Enroll early and reserve your spaces for summer and fall due to limited spaces available! 


1. Schedule a tour

During a tour, you and your child will get a in-person look at our school and daily routines. We’ll chat about any concerns and questions you have. We recommend scheduling a tour beforehand, as we are not be able to accommodate drop-in visits.

Schedule a tour by filling out and emailing a tour request form. A tour will not be granted if the form is not completed.

Download tour request form ›


2. Complete an application

After your tour, you will get a chance to complete an application. We will review the list of required documents. And of course, we will also go over tuition and schedule options. A parent handbook will be given to you after you enroll. 

View all required forms ›


3. Placement

If we find that our school and your child are a good match, we will place your child in a class best suited for their age and abilities.