Frequently asked questions


Q1. What is your philosophy?

Nature’s Gift's philosophy is to let children enjoy their precious childhood through a well-rounded approach. We focus on all areas of development—cognitive, social, and emotional. We understand the importance of play, hands on learning, and one-on-one attention during these critical years of each child's life.

We believe that a good balance between play based learning and teacher directed structured learning is most effective and produces magical results for the children. Children graduate from Nature’s Gift as advanced learners and accomplished little artists!

Q2. How is Nature’s Gift Preschools different from other programs?

Nature’s Gift Preschools is a boutique-style, high-quality preschool, offering small class sizes with an excellent child to teacher ratio of 8:1. Teachers build positive & close relationships with the children and their families. Children receive time, attention, quality care, and education at Nature’s Gift!

Q3. What is the class size?

Nature’s Gift Preschool at Blacow Road offers part-time and full time programs and small class sizes with qualified teaching staff.

Our 2.5 year old Busybees class has 9 children with 2 teachers.

Our 3-4 year old Dragonfly & RolyPoly classes offer a 6:1 ratio. For 12 children per classroom, there are 2 teachers.

Our 4-5 year old Pre-Kindergarten classes offer a 8:1 ratio. There is a maximum of 24 children in the two Pre-Kindergarten classes led by 2 qualified teachers and 1 assistant.

Q4. What are the qualifications of the teachers?

Nature’s Gift teachers meet the State of California Community Care licensing standards to teach preschool. Teachers have a minimum 12 ECE (early childhood education) units. Some new teachers are pursuing their ECE education as they have Associate’s degrees or Bachelor’s degrees from another field. All teachers are also First Aid & CPR certified.

Q5. What is the staff turnover rate?

We have very little staff turnover. Nature’s Gift has selected a dedicated team of outstanding teachers who are kind, helpful, patient, and loving. Our teachers are a group of very special people who have genuine interest in the little children they teach and take care of. We are very proud to have an outstanding team of teachers.

Q6. What is your curriculum like?

Our curriculum is based on our philosophy to balance play-based learning and structured, teacher-directed learning. The program addresses children’s social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive development and builds foundations for school success in arts, music, reading, math, and science.

Q7. Are there progress reports? How do I find out about my child’s daily progress?

Teachers communicate with parents daily. We also keep a daily participation log for each student. Additionally, parent-teacher conferences are held twice per school year.

Q8. How do teachers discipline the children?

Teachers usually start the school year by establishing classroom rules and teaching the children about feelings & building friendships. Children are taught to listen and follow the class/school rules, to reflect, and to make good choices. For example, teachers teach children that hands are for helping and to use kind words. This resolves most of the conflicts in class.

Q9. Does my child need to be potty trained to attend school?

Children in the Busy Bees class (2.5–3 year olds) do not need to be potty trained. In all other classes where children are older than 3 years old, children must be completely potty trained.

Q10. How long is outside time?

Part-time children who attend school for 3-3.5 hours a day receive 30-40 minutes of outside time. Full-time or school day children receive at least one hour.

Q11. Do you serve snacks and lunch?

We serve snacks for the children. One snack is served in the morning, another is served in the afternoon. Snacks usually consist of fresh fruit and a grain (crackers, quesadillas, bread, etc.), or dairy (yogurt, cheese, etc.) and a grain. We also provide water. If your child has dietary restrictions, they may bring their own snack to school.

We do not provide lunch. Full-time/school day children must bring their own lunch in an insulated container.

Q12. Are there special events?

There are field-trips three times a year that allow children to learn outside of school. Parent-participation is required and must drive their children to and from these trips.

The school also hosts musical performances twice a year. Children showcase their artwork as well as sing and dance. Nature’s Gift produces wonderful musical shows which are a joy to watch!

Q13. How do you handle separation anxiety?

We encourage the parent and child to visit the preschool a few times for participation before the child starts school. If we see that the child might need more time, we can schedule 3-4 participation days. Each child’s situation is unique and different. In general, we have the parent do a quick drop off and come back at an earlier time to alleviate the child’s anxiety. Once the parent returns, he/she can stay to participate. We work with each family differently based on the child’s needs.

Q14. Can parents volunteer?

Of course. Feel free to let us know of your availability and we can assign you a few responsibilities. We do need help from time to time, especially during winter holidays, special events, graduations, and at the end of each school year.

Q15. Do you teach religion?

No. We leave that up to the parents as religion is a personal choice. We do dye eggs at Easter because it is fun.

Q16. Do you help children with special needs?

We have helped children with speech delays, hyperactivity, autism, global developmental delays, and selective mutism. If your child has special needs, it is important that we know about it. We can discuss it and determine how to best help your child.

Q17. What are your tuition rates?

Nature’s Gift tuition is in the upper median range compared to other Fremont preschools. Tuition is due on a monthly basis. We can chat about our specific rates when you visit.

Q18. Is there an application or material fee?

Yes, there is an annual material fee. Please inquire about the fee during your tour or at the time of enrollment.

Q19. Can we have a tour of your schools?

Yes! Please call ahead to make an appointment. It is difficult for us to receive drop-in visits. The directors are often busy overseeing classrooms and teaching. Tours are usually given at 11:15 am and at 3:00 pm.

Q20. Can my child visit and participate?

Yes, we will be happy to schedule a play and participation day!

Q21. How can we enroll? When does enrollment begin?

Each academic year, Nature’s Gift Preschool begins enrollment for the upcoming Fall in March for new students and in February for currently enrolled students. Contact us for an in-person visit and to begin the enrollment process. We recommend that you enroll your child early so they are all set to attend class in September.

Q22. How do I know I’m making the right decision for my child?

We recognize that deciding on a school for your children is important and can be a difficult process. We really do know—many of our teachers are parents! The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has set 10 standards for early childhood programs that can help families make the right choice when they are looking for a preschool. Read more about those standards ›